Environmentally Friendly

At Central Texas Custom we feel our "Green Initiative" is a necessary action to preserve long-term business. The simple fact is that outside of the multitude of reasons for forestry conservation, " ...if there are no more trees it's quite difficult to be a woodworker!"

Some simple examples of this are Honduran "Genuine" Mahogany, Burmese "Genuine" Teak, Gabon Ebony, etc, all on the endangered species list. Most are ILLEGAL in the U.S. & Europe.

There are several aspects to functioning as a green company, other than just forest management.

  • Whenever possible regarding quality, products used are from local sources, starting in the central Texas area then expanding out per-requirement.
  • Solid wood, plywood & other wood materials are all from sustainable forestry providers. This means they come from tree farms not leveled natural forests.
  • Use of domestic manufacturers & mills is a priority.
  • Materials must meet the most recent & strict guidelines regarding adhesives used for manufacture. CARB-2, N.A.U.F., F.S.C.
  • Many materials used are available pre-finished using U.V. catalyzed finish, nearly eliminating 2/3 of airborne contaminants typically used in the production of cabinetry. This also nearly eliminates fumes & odors at the location for install.
  • All finish materials used are water-based, low V.O.C. & also low in other chemicals typically used in finishes. Most finishes used only require soapy water & plain water clean up.
  • Orders are grouped to reduce fuel consumption & emissions during deliveries.
  • Simple things like saving scraps for use in blocking & finish samples.

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Terminology, Descriptions &, Helpful Links

NAUF  (No Added Urea Formaldahyde)

CARB-2 ( California Air Resources Board)

FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council )

VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds )

Sustainable Forestry, simply forest

- "wood" products managed like a crop, IE: planted & harvested.

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CARB, 1 & 2


Document - "Click Here"